Solar City of Medulin

Increasing the capacity for solar energy production on public buildings of the Municipality of Medulin

Clients: EEA Grants

Year: 2022

Åpenhet contributes to the project by designing and developing interactive, long-term visualizations of project results and of the importance of renewable energy sources. It will create awareness-raising materials on the issue of renewable energy production, to incite other municipalities to follow Medulin's path and citizens to become more conscious of the stakes at play in energy choices made in Croatia. It also participates in communication and visibility activities, connects Norwegian experts and practitioners to their Croatian counterparts and facilitates their exchanges of experience and best practices.

Project Background

The project "Increasing the capacity for solar energy production at public facilities in the municipality of Medulin" aims at reacting to the increased greenhouse gas emissions coming from the EU and Croatia's energy sectors. The project will contribute to reversing this trend by installing 7 new photovoltaic power plants accross the municipality of Medulin, thereby reducing greenhouse emissions, increasing energy security and increasing the share of renewable energy production in the municipality's energy mix. The photovoltaic power plants will be connected to the existing electricity network, with the aim of consuming most of the produced electric energy for the facility's needs and handing over the "surplus" produced electric energy into the public electricity network. As a result of the project, energy production from solar energy is expected to increase by 330.42 MWh / year and CO2 emissions to decrease by 52.41 tons a year.