Making data

speak louder.

A data design studio 

for the common good


Working with changemaking organisations to make their data speak louder

  • OECD
  • Transparency International
  • Walk Free
  • Save the children
  • Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Kartverket
  • University of South Bohemia
  • EEA Grants
  • European Commision
  • Erasmus
  • CIDS

We’re on a mission to make data more accessible, interactive and impactful


We are a purpose-driven studio that believe in the power of data and design to positively impact our world.



We take your data

and transform it

into a tool for impact.

Don't just take our word for it

  • OECD PSI Team

    OECD PSI Team

    The actionable data on the platform helps decision makers understand the strengths and weaknesses of national integrity systems, better allocate resources and target specific challenges.

  • Minderoo Foundation

    Minderoo Foundation

    Our partners in government, business and not-for-profit sectors have all commented on how useful this platform is for their work towards ending modern slavery and we now lean on this tool heavily in our advocacy and engagement.

  • Director of Digital, World Bank 

    “The best data portal I have ever seen”

  • World Bank

    "Incentivises countries to do better and to compare their systems towards the best performer or other countries. I am anxious to go to the portal and search for the data.”

  • Walk Free Foundation

    Walk Free Foundation

    “This is going to be game changing for how our audiences can engage with our data.”

  • OECD Deputy General Secretary

    OECD Deputy General Secretary

    “The data portal will shape anti-corruption and integrity policies for OECD members and beyond”

What we can help you with

If you have data that you want to share we can help you achieve the best results

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  • Communicating data

    • We’re experts in data-storytelling and communicating with data. We understand the purpose and impact that data can have, and can help you identify the best way to utilise your data to meet your goals
  • Data websites

    • Wether its a landing page, micro-site, of fully fledged data portal, we can bring your data online, maximising engagement with your stakeholders and streamlining your dissemination process.
  • Transforming reports

    • Consolidate past, present and future reports into a centralised tool for engagement with a single data-source. We can help you make disparate parts work together to create a more impactful whole.
  • Supercharging indexes

    • Create a digital home for your index, serving your stakeholders for years to come. User-focused, insight-enabling, feature-rich. Automatic updates with every new data release, and a streamlined internal process.
  • Data collection & management

    • We can help you improve your day to day workflow, systemising your datasets from hundreds of sheets into a singular tool for management. Maximise external impact by optimising internal efficiency.

Working together for the greater good

  • UN Global Compact
  • Women Empowerment's Principles
  • EEA

Maximise external impact,
optimise internal efficiency.

Ready to improve the
impact of your data