PRESSRELEASE - Åpenhet wins international award

Åpenhet, in collaboration with the international Minderoo Foundation and Australian based Anthologie, has been honoured with the Bronze Award by The Anthem Awards for their contribution to the development of the 2023 Global Slavery Index Platform (Walk Free/Minderoo).


The Bronze Award, within the Human & Civil Rights category, presented by The Anthem Awards, recognizes the outstanding collaborative efforts of Åpenhet, Anthologie, and the client; Walk Free in creating this groundbreaking platform for the Global Slavery Index.

"We are immensely proud to receive the Bronze Award for our work on the Global Slavery Index platform," says Kleng Bråtveit, CEO at Åpenhet. "This recognition is a testament to our commitment to leveraging technology for social impact and driving positive change. The real reward for us, however, lies in the praise received from our client, Walk Free, and the Minderoo Foundation. Knowing that we have provided them with a powerful tool to combat slavery is the ultimate validation of our efforts.”

Global Slavery Index (GSI) Platform

The GSI platform offers a comprehensive and interactive analysis of modern slavery, presenting over 25,000 data points across 160 countries. It provides estimates on prevalence, government responses, and vulnerability factors related to modern slavery. The platform presents this wealth of information as an interactive experience, allowing users to seamlessly explore the large framework of data in a digestible and engaging way.

The presentation and experience of the data changes depending on whether viewing global or specific data, enabling global stakeholders to utilise it for tailored advocacy. Together, the team aimed to transform this intricate data into accessible visualisations and digital products, reigniting the movement to eradicate modern slavery.


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The GSI data portal has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from a diverse audience, including government agencies, non-governmental organizations, survivors, community and faith leaders, and business sectors. Its global media reach has been substantial, with over 1,600 global media items and over 500 global broadcast items, reaching a potential global audience of 4.5 billion.

"The platform has completely changed the way people interact with our data," says Elly Williams, Research and Targeting Specialist at Walk Free. "Our partners in the government, business and not-for-profit sectors have all commented on how useful this platform is for their work to end modern slavery, and we now lean heavily on this tool in our advocacy and engagement. The platform is not just a repository of information, it is an engagement tool, a call to action, an instrument for change."

In Good Company 

The 2024 Anthem Award Winners were meticulously chosen from a vast pool of over 2,000 submissions spanning 44 countries by the esteemed International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS). Among this distinguished cohort of winners stand Åpenhet and Anthologie, alongside renowned entities such as Al Jazeera, Leon Ford, Matt Damon, The Nature Conservancy, Action Aid France, World Economic Forum, TED, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and World Wildlife Fund.

“The Anthem Awards were born out of the desire to amplify and celebrate the voices that are creating sustainable change and to inspire others to take action,” said Patricia McLoughlin, Anthem Awards General Manager. “In a year where so much is at stake, it is incredibly important to recognize impact work and celebrate the progress happening globally.”


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Åpenhet is a global, Norwegian based technology firm specializing in innovative data design and advanced analytics. Committed to promoting policy, governance, and the greater good, their mission is to harness the power of technology to drive positive social change and empower communities on a global scale.

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