We use data to create impact.

About us

We live in a time when data shapes our world behind the scenes. With our background in policy and governance, we’ve seen first-hand the positive impact of bringing that data to the fore, using design and systems thinking. We partner with visionary organisations to create experiences which increase accessibility, drive engagement and encourage new insights.



Our mission and values

We founded Åpenhet because we believe that well-communicated data has the power to drive change. We want to use our skills to create tools that contribute to a more transparent, fact-based and sustainable future.

Our skills

  • UX/UI Design
  • Data Visualisation
  • Data Storytelling
  • Data Analysis
  • Data cleaning
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end infrastructure
  • Systemisation
  • Database Management
  • Impact Insights

How we’re getting there

  • We use our background in policymaking, civil governance and institutional research to identify the areas we can extract the most impact from your data and reporting.

  • Through design and storytelling, we create compelling digital experiences. Transforming PDF reports, excel sheets and disconnected data into holistic, scalable and impactful products.

  • As experts in systems, we clean your data and create holistic backend infrastructure that scales as your work does, allowing you to focus more on the impact and less on the management.

Meet the team

  • åpenhet
  • åpenhet
  • åpenhet
  • åpenhet

Our versatile team can take your work and elevate it into a powerful tool for your future. We form a multidisciplinary team of strategists, public policy experts, user experience designers, researchers, and web engineers. We also happen to be a lovely bunch!

  • Kleng Bråtveit

    Kleng Bråtveit

    Co-founder / Relations

  • Lella Brauner

    Lella Brauner

    Head of business development

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  • Simon Mélizan

    Simon Mélizan

    Head designer

  • Lena Geving

    Lena Geving

    Reseacher and National expert

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  • Ida Larsen

    Ida Larsen


  • Scar


    Office Dog

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  • Yasser Lahbibi

    Yasser Lahbibi

    Co-founder / CTO

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  • Thibault Rabussier

    Thibault Rabussier

    Project Manager

Our multidisciplinary team can assist you in many ways

At heart of everything we do is a deep understanding of policy, governance and data-for-good.

  • Data Visualisation and storytelling
  • Micro-sites and landing pages
  • Data portals
  • Database management
  • Data handling and best-practices
  • Data cleaning

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The Nordic Social Innovation Incubator

We’re proud to work from SoCentral, an incubator for social innovation, whose members collaborate on projects to develop and test new solutions to important societal challenges like sustainable city development, climate change or inclusion and diversity.

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