Multifunctional Facility For Children And Youth

Building a facility for children and youth - low involvement of Åpenhet

Clients: EEA Grants

Year: 2021

Project Background

The project targets children and young people from disadvantaged areas in the municipality of Stráne pod Tatrami and aims at improving their access to a wider range of extracurricular activities in order to improve their personal development and provide them with skills that increase their chances of success in society. Two main tracks allow the project to reach that objective:

  1. Construction of a new multi-purpose facility for children and youth in Stráne pod Tatrami and neighboring villages. The facility will include a gym hall, a fitness room, a computer room, tutoring class and a room for field social work.
  2. Creation of a network of 6 centers, which will organize activities for children and youth in Stráne pod Tatrami and the nearby villages of Ľubica (8km) and Rakúsy (12 km). All the activities will be offered free of charge and inclusive for the target group.

The project involves 8 legal entities, including Åpenhet and the lead partner, the Municipality of Stráne pod Tatrami. They will implement activities in 4 target areas (health, education, employment and housing) within 6 centers, which together form a multifunctional center. Åpenhet contributes by helping to raise awareness and increase the impact of project activities by collecting, processing and disseminating data and information in support of project objectives and outputs.

The project "Development of a multifunctional facility for children and youth in Stráne pod Tatrami" benefits from 809 180 EUR grant from Norway through the Norway Grants. The project has been co-financed from the State Budget of the Slovak Republic in the amount of 142 797 EUR. To learn more about programs and projects funded by Norway Grants in Slovakia, visit or