Good Governance in West Balkans

Åpenhet is building an interactive portal to visualise CIDS data on governance in the Western Balkans and help its data being easily accessed and understood.

Clients: CIDS

Year: 2021

The context

CIDS regularly conducts monitoring reports in NATO allied countries, that translate into long, text-heavy reports with limited penetration.

The project aims at making data collection, management, analysis and dissemination faster, more robust, transparent and efficient, while improving stakeholders’ access and understanding of the data.

Our solution

Åpenhet is developing an interactive data platform to let users explore CIDS data, compare between countries, deep-dive into indicators, etc.

User-friendliness, responsiveness and exportability are at the core of the design. To increase cost-efficiency and speed of delivery, the portal relies on the technical infrastructure developed in previous projects.

The result

Project is still in implementation phase. A first phase of data analysis and cleaning allowed the correction of several incoherences featured in the report.

Good Governance in West Balkans
Good Governance in West Balkans
Good Governance in West Balkans